Our Mission, Vision & Values

We are dedicated to creating top-quality products for women who care about their skin and health, so they can prevent sunburn, photoageing, and decrease the risk of skin cancer.

Our vision is to change the perception of sun protection and inspire everyone to use sunscreen daily by:

  • Creating top-quality products that visibly tranform the skin and make skin protection pleasurable experience

  • Being a leader in raising awareness about the dangers of sun exposure and educating about sun protection


Our History

It all started with a life-changing visit to my dermatologist. During a routine check-up, she discovered two irregular moles on my back that required surgery and biopsy to ensure they weren't dangerous. It was a true wake-up call for me as I learned that getting sunburned (even once!) increases the risk of skin cancer. And let's be honest, who hasn't had a sunburn at least once? I hadn't been protecting my body from the sun daily and needed to change that. I started searching for the "perfect sunscreen" that offers:

  1. Broad spectrum sun protection (SPF 50+).
  2. Ingredients that work wonders for my skin (I am a big fan of a simplified skincare routine - one product providing many benefits).
  3. Non-greasy, lightweight texture without a white cast.

Despite trying more than 60 sunscreens, I couldn't find any that fit my criteria. So, I conducted market research and realized that there are more people like me who would love to have this type of product. I decided to take matters into my own hands and create it. It took me and my team more than a year to develop the perfect formulation. But we did it, and if you try it, you'll never go back to other sunscreens. I am very happy to present to you the Daily Moisturizing and Calming Sunscreen Body Lotion with SPF 50+ PA++++ that meets all my criteria and hopefully will meet all of yours too.

SPF LAB Founder